BCM311 – Narrative Practice Source – Peter Goldie ‘Life, Fiction, and Narrative’

Goldie created the term ‘fictionalizing tendency’. He describes fictionalizing tendency as ‘four ways in which narrative of our lives tend to be dangerously close to fictional narratives.’ (p. 8). He believes  we seek a narrative structure in our lives to the point that our day-to-day lives could easily be written out as a narrative. Goldie […]

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BCM311 – Week 1 Reflection

In this tutorial we had to question the personal value behind a recent decision we made. This was both an easy yet fairly difficult thing to identify for me. Identifying a decision was easy. Me and my girlfriend recently bite the bullet and decided to move to Canberra at the start of next year. This […]

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BCM310 – Week 4 The Animal

I think we have all done this. We are sitting on the lounge, eating some food, and your dog comes up to you and just stares. You ask them what they want, but they just keep staring. You wonder what they are staring at, then it clicks. They want your cheese toastie. You tell them, […]

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BCM310 – Week 3 The Other

“The Other” seems like a term we use to describe a form of alien life that has just landed on Earth. It sounds like we should study “The Other”, learn about them, see how they work. Why would we do that? Because we don’t know anything about them. The truth is, there is “The Other” […]

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BCM310 – Week 2 The Self(ie)

Oxford Dictionaries defines a “selfie” as “a photography that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media”. Yes. You are correct. The word “selfie” is now in the dictionary. Back in 2013, the word was named word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries, and then […]

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JRNL102 – New Convergent Media

In the modern day, the media has grown to much more than the typical newspaper and TV. We now have several different platforms that allow us to connect instantly to the media around us. We call this convergent media. In Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide, Henry Jenkins wrote about the evolution of modern […]

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